What we do

Kratos Solutions creative approach operates on the belief that good ideas and solutions aren’t simply embellished by design — rather that design is a process and discipline that can be deployed to discover great ideas and develop unimaginable solutions.

Always ask what if

We don’t just set out to say “here’s how…” we set out to ask “what if?” In our experience, this approach often produces unexpected discoveries and helps reveal the best way forward. Our goal is for clients that embark on the Kratos design experience to enjoy the confident discovery of the right path — not feel asked to choose one.

Materials and Technologies

Working with high end materials produces high end products. Our clients require the best which is why we work with materials such as Surgical Stainless Steel, Grade II Titanium, and Premium Hardwoods.

As our Company has evolved so has technology and our clients need to integrate it into their products. We are industry leaders on RFID Chip technology including DI (Dual Interface) Inductive or “Contact” coupling. Specific to the financial industry EMV chip technology has increased customer security since it adoption and integration into Debit/Credit cards. As the financial industry moves toward premium format cards (Titanium, Stainless Steel, precious metals, ect.) our Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) production services allow for the precise tolerances to be defined and maintained from concept to production.

Production Services

Within our multi-facility campus Kratos provides premium metal and machining solutions for clients across the US and abroad. Our in-house capabilities for the following productions services support quick-turn production for Clients in the Financial, Industrial, Commercial, Automotive, and Government markets.

Our facilities are maintained with meticulous standards reflected with our ISO9001:2008 Certification.

Sheet Metal

Research and Development Services

Our development team is design focused — with everyone sharing a passion for and taking pride in achieving the design vision through collaboration and attention to detail.

There are many ways for our clients to partner with Kratos Solutions when it comes to their development needs. Our very capable technical team provides multiple R&D services designed to support, create, and validate products for our clients. Working with multiple formats, materials, textures, and technologies we provide a roadmap for products and solutions for our clients.

Kratos Solutions Company History

Color Options

Choose from a wide selection through our PVD Coating color options.

Brand Strategy & Design Services

Sometimes we are engaged in the creation of a new brand arising from the seeds of an idea. In other cases, there are clear catalysts for an existing brand to evolve or radically change its positioning to internal and/or external audiences. Even if a brand is well established and successful, it is important that the defining aspects of that brand are strategically understood so that they can be respected and leveraged for maximum impact across all ongoing initiatives.

PVD Coated Colored Stainless Steel Standard Colors
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Titanium Anodizing Colors
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Production Machining Equipment
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PVD Coated Custom Colors
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